Private Art Classes & Events

Art classes for individuals and groups

We offer private art classes for individuals and groups of two or more.

Art Classes that we offer are intended to bring more structure and art time into our student’s lives. If you interested in learning a new medium, sharpening your drawing skills, or have something more specific in mind, art classes are a good fit.  Our teachers provide a relaxed and fun teaching style while following lessons that are designed to be completed in one session.

Jason Budowski – Visual Arts Teacher at Bay Area Art School


What’s the difference between this and Art Coaching?

Art Coaching is a more intense teaching session, ideal for students or professionals looking to build a portfolio or art strategy with more structured lesson plans and detailed written feedback.

  • Art coaching is perfect to create and improve your portfolios perfect for students applying for college or high school (Ruth Asawa SOTA).

Individual Classes

These are one on one private art classes in person or over Zoom.

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Small Groups

Small group classes and lessons are perfect for a group of people who know each other or want to continue learning together. Minimum of 2 students required.  Contact us for pricing and more information.

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Email Critiques for Art Classes $20

For ongoing students who need or have questions help with projects, this is the ideal solution.

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How “15 minute critique” works: 

  • Take a photo of your artwork showing all 4 corners of in the photo in a well lit environments (no glares, no shadows, no strange angles).
  • Send this photo to us by email along with any questions or concerns or references you may be using.
  • Pay for a 15 minute critique on this page.
  • We will write a thoughtful response that will answer your questions and more.

Additional art critiques can be purchased here for one at a time or in bulk

MAKE PAYPAL BUTTON:  $10 per email critique

MAKE PAYPAL BUTTON:  $35 for 4 critiques

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