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An art coaching can be helpful for the artist to help realize goals, understand markets, and improve the quality of artwork that translates to better selling products. Art Coaching for kids and young adults is a different matter all together and can be summarized as follows:

Art Coaching for youth and teens:

  • Build confidence! 
  • Build and improve a portfolio.
  • Develop focus, enhance personal style, understand and incorporate critiques.
  • Build and/or develop a work ethic.  Care and pride in what we create begins at a young age.
  • Dramatically improve skills and gain an appreciation for the arts.

Pricing for Art Coach at Bay Area Art School

Individual Art Coaching:

$100 per hour for individual sessions.

Art Coaching purchase agreement:
Purchasing art coaching acts a a pre-payment and can be used for up to 6 months from purchase date. There are no refunds on Art Coaching after 72 hours. Once you purchase from this page, we suggest you also visit our contact us page and send us your name and who will be receiving coaching. Then, we will contact you shortly afterwards to set up your first appointment and a schedule a meeting.

Art Coaching Fee


Key points

  • Create and develop visual arts portfolio. Depending on the focus or purpose this will differ for each student.
  • Technical assessment: critiques for strengths and weaknesses and how to improve.
  • Develop an artist statement whether for an admissions, or for simply understanding why you love art.  This can act as a guide as the student works towards their goal.
  • Learn to photograph artwork or have us do it.

Confidence is the number 1 value

The first session will be about setting goals and expectations. Depending on skill, style, age and goals we emphasize building a portfolio immediately.  We help to decipher the portfolio requirements (if applicable) and how to stand out whether for or high school or college applicants.

It’s easy to understand what a soccer coach brings to the table. Focus a group of kids to a common goal of improving skills, learning new techniques and hopefully winning games.  Winning aside a good coach helps the players to see their own value and strengths and everyone has fun. It’s not much different with an art coach.


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