Jason Budowski

Jason Budowski - art teacher - bay area art school

I am an art teacher based out of Pacifica, CA. I’ve had the unique privilege of teaching 5th through 8th graders and developing content that challenges my students at each level as they get older and learn to see the world around them. I have a BA from UC Davis in Fine Art, have learned from Wayne Thiebaud, and have been trained in classical realism from various instructors. Everything else I’ve self-taught or have learned from my students. I teach a modified method of classical realism that I’ve developed to allow all my students to be able to draw well and keep it fun. I am a can-do teacher and will always have an answer. That’s a big statement but I stand by my method: Learn the Budowski basics and learn to draw anything!

Mr. Budowski’s Visual Art website (Budowski.net)

Instagram:  @isthatart


2020 to Present:  Artist, Art Teacher & Muralist

  • 2023 August: Budowski’s painting “Girl on the beach” was selected to be a part of the 2023 de Young Open.
  • Bay Area Art School was started in 2020 during Covid to teach students drawing and painting lessons. Budowski was invited to be a featured muralist with the Pacifica Murals Project on Linda Mar Beach, and painted a youth-centric mural depicting The Tree of Life, young activists and a huge wolf.
  • Budowski’s series of oil paintings entitled “Waves” was shown in galleries in Pacifica and Berkeley, CA.

2016 to 2020: Adda Clevenger – Visual arts teacher

  • Visual art teacher at Adda Clevenger K-8 school in San Francisco, hired to teacher classical realism to children. Quickly created engaging fun highly successful program building student confidence, art appreciation, and skills.
  • Created and directed summer camps and other seasonal camps to student body at Adda Clevenger. Camps ran for all attending ages with up to 4 camps per week and previous graduates as camp assistants.

2003 to 2017: eCarbonated Digital Marketing – Owner/Principal
Digital Marketing & Technical Project Manager | Marketing Strategy | Web Design & Development

  • Former Accomplished Digital Marketing Strategist with an expansive career marked by establishing standards of excellence across all aspects of technical project management, positioning and promotions. Leveraged comprehensive knowledge of traditional and digital marketing, brand management, programmer leadership, client education and follow-up interfacing to deliver results-driven solutions.
  • Proactive Technical Project Manager with a history of developing and leading technology teams through the complexities of developing effective online campaigns that incorporate web, print and digital marketing, digital asset management, client training, software design and web presence.
  • Developed and executed branding and marketing campaign innovations that strategized design and ad operations across traditional marketing and social media platforms. Maximized success through client- and server-side development aligned with customer goals and the latest technologies.