What Will We Learn?

Bay Area Art School

If you love art and you want to know how to draw better, Bay Area Art School has the classes, camps and clubs for you!

Bay Area Art School is all about making fun art

For the young artist who is looking for to get dramatic improvement in their art or simply just loves art, our classes are for you.  Listed below is a list of what we teach. Some are serious, some are silly, all of them are fun!

  • Abstract art
  • Animal illustrations
  • Animal portraits
  • Animals in movement
  • Anime and cartooning
  • Character Design
  • Creating visual stories
  • Creature creation
  • Drawing people in cartoon and anime styles
  • Fairytale landscapes
  • Fantasy art camps
  • Introduction to realism
  • Landscapes
  • Mythical creatures
  • Perspective and composition
  • Still life
  • Storyboarding & visual storytelling
  • Surrealism – silly and ridiculous
  • The figure in motion
  • So much more!