Mondays at the Studio

These Drawing and Painting Classes are 4-6 days long for adults looking to advance their skills in a fun environment. For each class we’ll meet each Monday (except holidays) from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. See upcoming classes below.

Join us in this structured and guided environment for you to recreate a different masterpiece each class series. Pricing is per class.

Each class will be a step-by-step guided projects where you will learn both drawing and painting techniques. Mr. Budowski will outline the entire process and concepts like perspective and composition will be broken down into manageable components as you create unique artwork during each course.

  • For those who would like extra critiques and help during the week, we have a Email Critiques for Art Classes that will help you get extra info and help.
  • All materials are included for first timers. Repeat students are encouraged to bring their own materials.
  • Paintings will be created on heavy duty paper.  If you would like to bring your own panel or canvas you are welcome to do so.  Please keep sizes roughly between 8×10 inches to 12×16 inches.

By the end of each class, you’ll have produced a finished painting, a testament to the skills cultivated during these sessions. This painting will serve as a tangible reminder of the progress you’re making as an artist. Join us in this deliberate and methodical exploration of artistic growth.

The Art School will be closed:

  • November 20-24 – Thanksgiving
  • December 25-29 – Holiday Break

Upcoming Monday Art Classes for Adults

No events are currently scheduled.  

Materials List

Pencils: Mono Tombow Pencils or Staedler Mars lumograph. pencil weights of 2B, HB, 2H – 4 each.
Paper Mate Tuff Stuff Eraser Stick (SN64801) or any similar stick eraser.
Mono Zero Eraser – Tiny eraser that brings a lot of control to drawing.
Pencil Extenders – When pencils get short this extends their life.

Charcoal Pencils: General Charcoal or Wolff’s Carbon Pencils. Minimum of both: 2B, 4B
General’s Charcoal White Pencil – Minimum of 3
Please note that these are fragile pencils and dropping one can mean shattering the core rendering the pencil useless. It’s best to bound with a rubber band and carry in a soft case.

Box Cutter for home use. I will have these here at the studio. They are used to carve pencil to create a very sharp drawing edge for precision work.

Staedtler Mars Sandpaper Lead Pointer or equivalent. Use to sharpen pencils.

An “art canvas 48 pencil case” this search term will take you to what I have. They will protect the pencils well.