Zoom Art Classes

Zoom Art Classes


Wed Oct 18, 2023    
1:30 pm - 2:30 pm


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Event Type

Zoom Art Wednesdays are for students wanting to continue their art with Mr. Budowski for ages 12 – 16. This 1 hour long online class is for motivated individuals looking to improve their art.  This class is for artists specifically looking to improve skills, build a portfolio, learn specific areas of drawing and painting, and are simply too far away to join in person after school.  This group moves fast and loves art!  If this sounds like you then join us.


Supply list

Art supply requirements depend on what your area of study are.  Review our Materials list page and make sure you have at least all the drawing materials for our first meetings.

How often should we Zoom?

I recommend at least twice a month and for those who simply live and breath art once a week will keep you busy.

Lights. Camera. Zoom!

Mr. Budowski will have a camera on him and his work during Zoom Art Class.  Students will want to have a computer or tablet set up so artwork can be seen with a lot of light to be able to see the artwork.  Here are some notes for working with art and Zoom:

  • Students need to be in a well lit room with no backlighting or window behind them.
  • Artwork needs to be photographed with the entire paper in the frame. Photos should be emailed before or after each session so progress can be tracked and accurate critiques can be made.
  • A microphone and headset are not required by help if you share your work area.
  • Students should be able to take up sufficient table space for drawing, painting, and keeping a pc or tablet near them.



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