Paint Club!


Date(s) - Fri Oct 09, 2020
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

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Paint Club is the place to come and draw and paint. Students and campers can work on their long term projects and bring questions or just follow along with our Instructors. Some students bring in work that they need help with or where they can get extra instruction. It’s like an artist studio time and we’ve found that artists, regardless the age, like to work together and talk about art or whatever inspires them.

Most of the classes we have emphasize drawing. So Paint Club is all about getting out our paints and having a fun time!  

Ticket is  $18.00 $16.00 per day per student Price reduced until Jan 1, 2021

For flexible scheduling, “spaces” refers to tickets to any Paint Club on the calendar*.

  • You can purchase up to 10 tickets at a time.
  • You can use these tickets to join last minute.
  • 1 Ticket per student for each Paint Club attended (in part or whole)
  • Ticket per student will be subtracted from your total. You can contact us to see your remaining ticket balance.
  • Tickets expire December 18, 2020.


Registration is closed for this event.